Digital Content Creation

Newton Cantwell is a company whose primary goal is to produce engaging digital content and marketing for businesses.

Whether you require video production services, copywriting, photography or digital marketing services, we can provide you with the support and solutions for your next campaign.

Newton Cantwell prides itself on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom see us as an invaluable ‘extra arm’ to their business or marketing department.

Video Production

Every business should use video content as part of their marketing strategy. Skillfully crafted video content can engage with an audience on an emotional level and motivate a call to action.



Engaging, well-written copy is essential for any business. Nonsensical tweets, misspelled product labels and illiterate blogs hardly inspire client confidence. Our copywriting service can help develop your company’s voice and tone while ensuring your literature – from online blogs to printed brochures – looks professional.


We live in a visual age. Owing to the sheer variety of media at our disposal we are bombarded every minute of the day with images. Photographs need more than ever to stand out from the crowd. Our photography service covers a range of styles, from corporate, PR, lifestyle/fashion and product.

Content Marketing

Having great content is one thing;  getting it seen is another. We’ll strive to ensure it reaches the largest audience, thus boosting your marketing activity and maximising your return of investment.