Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video adds a human element to your marketing!

The key to quality video for corporate video production for any business or brand is to tell a story that engages with an audience on an emotional level. Here are some advantages to using well produced video for your business.

Fun Engaging Marketing

A well produced corporate video can provide a fun way for you to showcase your business without the high-pressure sales approach and gives you the opportunity for you to inject personality in to your message and connect with your target market in an engaging way.  In fact corporate videos produce better results when they focus on providing product or service information on a personal level where the viewer can relate on an emotional level and be reminded that your business is run by people who share similar values and beliefs based around current industry trends and topics.

Avoid at all costs preachy sales and overly hyped video content as this will put your potential customers off and you will loose any opportunity for them to engage with your product, brand or service. Keep it real!

Whats Your Story?

With the onset of the digital age peoples attention spans are reducing. So by telling your story or conveying your message in an entertaining and interesting way is a must. You literally have seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer before they skip your video. People love a good story and quality story telling is a great way to capture somebodies attention and provides you with the opportunity get your message across in an engaging way. Corporate video production levels the playing field, it doesn’t matter if your a large multinational or small business you all have the opportunity to get your business message (Story) across in an effective way. Television and Radio Commercials are usually restricted to 10, 30 or 60 second segments and are no longer considered a cost effective marketing spend.

Search Engines Favour Videos

With over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute it is easy to understand why search engines favour video and can significantly help your search engine ranking. If you have a video strategy for your business in place and are producing video content that people want then you are in a good position to build a loyal online following. With YouTube being positioned as a social network and the second biggest search engine online it provides an excellent platform for you to engage with people. Posting video engaging video content with good quality text descriptions and other video SEO elements places you in good standing to be recognised as an industry expert in your field and will give you good visibility online.

Easy on the Eyes

As important and useful reading is and it will never be replaced, video is so much easier to watch than reading text. Video compared to reading doesn’t require much effort and is more enjoyable for the viewer. Video allows the viewer to absorb information at their pace leading to a better understanding of the video content being played. Providing your video is well produced it can engage with people on various levels in a way that will portray your brand message in the correct manner. People will be more inclined to play a video over reading a large body of text.

Corporate Video

Corporate Brand Video

The main thing that makes corporate video content so special is that it combines both audio and visual that allows the viewer to have an immersive experience. Video can give consumers an in-depth experience into a product or service which is beneficial for creating a need, want or desire to purchase the product or service. Out of the many different ways to build a brand image, video is without a doubt the most powerful because it can connect with a consumer on various levels.


Any quality marketing campaign should always clearly have a call to action. The same with video it should include a call to action inviting the viewer to carry out the desired action for the campaign. If the video production is well executed then it can lead to countless conversions for your business which will really maximise your return on investment.

Get Social

In an age of social media, video has the potential to reach massive audiences and in some cases bigger audiences than TV networks could ever reach. One of the best reasons to make corporate video for social media is that it has the opportunity to reach your target market far and wide. If the video is engaging and entertaining enough people will share your video which is effectively free advertising, so combined with paid targeted advertising the potential reach is huge. People tend to use social media for entertainment or for information purposes specific to an individual’s interests, beliefs or values so for a video to be shared and receive a high level of engagement it’s important to tick all the relevant boxes during the video production process. Many people base their purchasing decisions based on product or service information, reviews and recommendations and the roll of video in social media is the most powerful tool in a companies tool box.

Customer Testimonials Videos

Testimonial videos are a very power tool to use on a companies website and across their social media platforms. It allows other prospected customers to see what customers think about a particular brand, product or service. People perceive testimonials as honest and provide a great way to influences others into making a purchasing decision.

Training Videos

Training can be an expensive process especially when a company or organisation has to repeat the same training workshops a few times a year. Video can help accelerate the process and is always on hand and can save significant amounts of money for a business. Training videos are effective as they provide a visual demonstration that can be learned at the pace the trainee and can be viewed over and over until the information is retained by the trainee.

Corporate video production can take many forms, the importance remains in how well you tell your story!

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