Digital Content Consultancy & Training

The way online consumers seek products and information is changing. Marketing methods must adapt to these changes, especially given the way search engines such as Google prioritise search results.

For businesses to stay relevant and competitive they must produce quality content. Static websites can no longer be relied upon to drive sales. Newton Cantwell offers a consultancy and training service tailor-made for your business.

We’ll help you develop a competitive edge and increase your sales and marketing activity.

Content & Video Implementation Strategy

Implementing and maintaining an effective content or video strategy is not as easy as posting random content at irregular intervals. In order to make content work for your business and for you to maximise your return on investment we take a strategic approach. This always starts with an audit of your current activity, highlighting any strengths and weakness to ensure we help you employ a strategy that is right for your business.

Video Training

As more businesses rely on video to market their brand, product or services, more organisations are now creating their own video content. We can provide you with basic to advanced video creation techniques that cover filming and sourcing equipment, through to editing and streamlining the workflow process. We are happy to come to your place of work to carry out training and have all the relevant equipment and resources for one-to-one training or for small groups of people.

Media Training

If you or your organisation is creating your own video content that requires staff to present in front of a camera, we have a range of media training solutions to help you. Body language and delivery is important when appearing in a professional capacity on, or even off, camera. You can expect to be more confident and project yourself as a professional after undergoing our tailored media training.

YouTube Channel Development & Podcasting

More and more businesses and individuals are making free content available on YouTube and Podcasting networks to be more visible online. We can help you develop and grow your audience with tried and tested methods, helping you stand out in an increasingly crowded digital landscape.

Influencer Marketing

Companies and organisations are increasingly promoting their products and services by turning to established online ‘influencers’. We can research and source the best influencers for your target market ensuring you reach the right audience and demographic.