Professional high-quality photography will undoubtedly help you stand out from your competitors and enhance your image.

Photographs shot exclusively for your company are far more effective than buying stock images from an image bank or picture library.

Stock images must be paid for with every usage and can be used by anyone. They can never encapsulate your message as accurately as those tailored to your company. As for stealing stuff off the web, don’t even go there….

Newton Cantwell offers a range of photography styles covering everything from portraiture to fashion to still-life products.

Ultimately, having high-quality photography unique to your company is invaluable. It’s also a cost-effective investment for your business.


No company wants its products to look like they’ve been shot for a listing on eBay, right? We’ll give you clean, pin-sharp images that are professionally styled and lit.

Lifestyle / Fashion

We’ll deliver magazine-quality, dynamic lifestyle and fashion images that catch the eye and bring out the very best in your products or clothes.


We can do the slick, straight-up boardroom stuff. Or we can bring a little colour to your corporate imagery, making your business that little bit more human.


We’ll cater for all your PR needs, whether it’s shooting an up-and-coming entrepreneur, a brand new German sportscar, or mouth-watering foodie shots for a restaurant launch.