You know you’re working with a sparkling Grade-A personality when they turn up for a video production shoot at 5am with a massive smile on their face and raring to go.

Working on a motivational fitness video for Swansea’s personal fitness instructor Tara Hammett proved to be lots of fun the Newton Cantwell team.

We kicked off the video production shoot next to Aberavon Beach at sunrise, filming Tara running along the promenade with the sweeping views of Swansea Bay in the background.

Ok, so there were a few pesky clouds around but at least it was sunny and the rain held off, because, take it from us, expensive video equipment + rain = trouble.

From the beach we went on to film at a couple of….. hmmm, let’s call them “photogenic but gritty” urban locations. We’re talking New York-style graffiti, motorway flyovers and the rather cinematic backdrop of Port Talbot steelworks.

At one point this involved removing a dead rat the size of a basketball player’s boot from the road. And before you ask, Tara may be a trooper  but like hell was she going to do THAT! That gruesome task was done by one of us. (We never said our job was all glamour, but we bet Spielberg never had to peel dead rodents off the floor.)

Anyway, far, far more entertaining was getting our drone out and shooting Tara from above. Drone shots are always tricky to film. But they make us feel like we’re kids again, flying a model aeroplane. It’s definitely one of the more enjoyable aspects of a video video production shoot.

This was just a small part of our shoot with the brilliant Tara. It was impossible to capture her busy but amazing life in one morning hours, so we’ll be filming her again very soon for part two. We can’t wait.

Oh, and did we mention she even bought the team a load of coffees (probably to try and make us as perky and energetic as she is, which is impossible).
Like we said, she’s a star.

We look forward to sharing the finished video in a couple of weeks.

Checkout Taras Website: www.tarahammett.com