Video Production

Video is the most powerful promotional tool for businesses and that is unlikely to change any time soon. The most forward-thinking companies have some type of video strategy in place.

Video is the most effective way to engage with a target audience as it can be used across a multitude of channels, including social media platforms, company websites, video streaming services, outside digital displays, and trade shows. It can even be played or accessed outside of business hours, ensuring you’re ‘switched on’, 24/7.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the power of video.

Promotional Video Creation

Videos promoting a product, service or brand message give businesses the opportunity to stand out amongst their competitors and display their unique personality whilst appealing to a particular target audience. Promotional videos come in various forms ranging from product videos, corporate messages and infomercials.

Branded Video Content

Branded video content is a great way to inform an audience about an interesting topic, or entertain in an engaging way. Branded content can be used across various channels including Facebook and YouTube. The videos are designed to get your brand noticed, without the hard sell.  

Documentary Film / Video Production

Short or feature-length documentaries are a great way to engage an audience whilst conveying important information. This could be a short piece that projects a brand’s history, ethos and culture, through to feature-length documentary-style videos that highlight social issues. Newton Cantwell know how to construct a compelling narrative.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos are an effective way for companies and organisations to communicate a message in line with their ethos and standards. These include internal communications videos, training videos or video content that is used on the company’s website.